Blackvue Dashcam DR750X-3CH DMS PLUS

Model: DR750X-3CH DMS PLUS 32GB / 64GB / 128GB

Price: $900 (32GB) / $970 (64GB) / $1140(128GB)

Quick description: This is a triple -channel Cloud dash cam with a special-purpose driver monitoring camera (DMC100). The ‘DMS’ in the model name stands for ‘Driver-Monitoring System’ in reference of the DMC100. The DMC100 is designed to improve driver’s safety by helping prevent risky driving behaviors. The DMC100 monitors the driver at all times. Its algorithm can detect statuses such as Distracted driving / Drowsy driving / Driver detected/undetected. As soon as a potentially dangerous situation is detected, the DMC100 emits a beep to alert the driver and triggers push notifications if connected to the cloud. Additionally, Fleet Plan users can check detailed reports based on the data collected, provided the dash cam is connected to the Cloud.