CPL filter CPL filter (Circular Polarizing Lens Filter) – $46

The CPL filter is compatible with these camera models: DR750S / DR750X / DR900S / DR900X Series (take a look here at all our available models).

Looking to maximize the video quality of your BlackVue dashcam? Add a custom polarizing filter (CPL filter) to help reduce the sun’s glare, remove reflections on the windshield, and increase color saturation in even the harshest lighting conditions. These filters work miracles at removing the shiny reflection of your dashboard on the windshield in certain lighting situations.

These simple but effective CPL filters quickly slip over the camera of your DR750S, DR750X, DR900S or DR900X dash cam. They fit snugly in place, and can easily be removed if necessary. The filters do not need to be adjusted or rotated (they are actually fixed in place); the filters have been calibrated for optimal alignment at the factory. These filters include anti-reflective and anti-UV coating treatments, as well.

Note: all polarizing filters will slightly reduce the amount of light passing through them (by about one to three “F-stops”), so you may choose to remove the filter at night for highest quality night recording, however this is not absolutely necessary as the BlackVue dashcams automatically adjust their exposure levels. You can also bump up the default brightness setting of your BlackVue rear camera by 1-2 levels to compensate for the added CPL filter.