Power Magic PRO – $55.00

Power Magic is designed specifically for Black Vue, it is a battery draining prevention device. To have hassle free surveillance application by Black Vue, we recommend Power Magic to be added on. It will automatically cut off the power to Black Vue when voltage drops below the threshold voltage setting. Moreover, it also acts as a countdown timer where user can set the preferable duration to have the Black Vue operates when parked. Power Magic helps to prevent further draining of battery voltage when vehicle is parked for longer period of time.

  • Preventing car battery drain
  • power controller for Black Vue
  • 12V and 24V Application
  • Low Voltage cut-off mode : 11.4V/11.8V(12V) or 22.4V/22.8V(24V)
  • Timer setting : 1hr~72hrs OR set to infinity

For more information, visit https://www.blackvue.com/product/blackvue-power-magic-pro-vehicle-battery-discharge-prevention-for-parking-mode/