Camera bracket front sticky pads (5pcs/set)

Camera bracket front sticky pads (5pcs/set)

Quick description: Camera bracket front sticky pads (5pcs/set)



Are you in need of additional adhesive mounting pads to assist you in completing the installation of your BlackVue dash cam system, either for the front or front+rear setup? Perhaps you’re considering transferring your camera to another vehicle? These BlackVue double-sided 3M adhesive pads are precisely what you require. They securely attach to your current windshield mounts, enabling you to affix the mounting brackets firmly to the vehicle glass.

These adhesive mounting pads possess a sticky nature, designed explicitly for smooth and flat glass or metal surfaces. It is advisable not to apply these pads to plastic or rubber surfaces within your vehicle.

Prior to attaching the sticky pads, it is crucial to thoroughly cleanse the mounting surfaces and allow them to dry. Carefully peel off the red backing piece, making sure not to touch the exposed adhesive pad. Apply firm pressure once the pad is affixed to either the mounting bracket or the windshield.