Customer Testimonials

“Thanks for your help Mike.
I purchased a DR590X camera from Mitsubishi Motors in Wellington, and had it fitted by someone that they recommended. I can not load the footage of my camera onto my phone, and contacted the ‘fitter’ and they had not got a clue, and that was it, they had no idea of how to fix the problem. I contacted ‘Blackvue (NZ) ltd’ and Mike sorted the problem out for me. He also told me his price for the same camera fitted and it was over $110.00 cheaper than I was charged. Never again.”


“I bought a DR900S Blackvue Camera from ‘Mad Soundz’ in Hamilton and they fitted it to my car. When I tried to connect the camera to my phone I couldn’t. I called ‘Mad Soundz’ and was told they can’t help me as they just sell them, and I should contact the manufacturer. I was pissed off. I found ‘Blackvue NZ’ and gave Mike a ring. He was not happy sorting out a problem that was ‘Mad Soundz’ problem. He sorted it out for me at no cost.

I will NEVER buy from ‘Mad Soundz’ again. They should know the products they sell.”



“A couple of years ago I bought a Blackvue Dashcam from a company in Auckland and just recently it stopped working. I called the company that I bought it from, but they were not interested, as the camera was way out of warranty, and they said that they would return it to Korea at my cost, plus repairs if needed, and the cost was ‘Telephone Numbers’ (bloody expensive.)

I turned to Google and found Blackvue NZ Ltd , who I called.

Mike answered the phone and was very helpful, and suggested that I send the camera, complete with the card up to him to have a look at, which I did.

He rang me a couple of days later with good news that everything was working again. He told me what he did to the camera but I can’t remember the details.

All I had to do was send him up a courier bag, for him to return the camera, which I did, and received the camera back in a couple of days. He never charged me for the work that he did.

This is what I call ‘Old Fashion Service’ and I will certainly be calling him if I, or my mates need a camera.”


Opotiki, BOP

“Eastern Bays Community Patrol, would like to say a huge thanks to Mike from Blackvue. He donated a top of the range 900x plus dashcam which included front and rear cameras for use in our patrol car. We really appreciate his support in helping to get these cameras up and running for us. Amazing!”

John Naisbett

Eastern Bays Community Patrol

“Hi Mike,

You asked me to write a testimonial about how you treated me and the service you gave me., to add to your ever increasing list of satisfied customers, NO mate, not unless I get paid…..only joking.

Well, here goes. I bought a Blackvue Dashcam from PB tech in Wellington, I looked around they were the cheapest. After a couple of weeks the camera started doing funny things, beeping, and burping, and the voice on it never shut up. I took it back to PB and they told me that it had to be sent back to the maker and I had to pay the freight. Mike you told me not to swear, but I told PB tech to “F*%# @++”

I contacted another distributor in Christchurch and some company on the North shore in Auckland, no one would help me as I did not buy it from them. I then rang you and you listened to my problem. You then told me that the first mistake I made was not buying it from you…smart arse. We spent a lot of time on the phone and you sorted the problem out for me without having to send the camera away.

You did not charge for your help ‘Magic’. I am buying a new car and the wife will have this one. I will get a new camera for it from you.

Thanks mate”

Island Bay, Wellington.

“Great service.

I purchased a Blackvue recently as after much research I established they were the best on the market.

I really wanted the Park Mode side of things when I purchased as I wanted to be able to keep an eye on my car when I was away from it, from vandals and hit and runs..(which has happened twice before)

Rather than buy from a store, I went to as I wanted to deal with someone that knows the product well and I contacted Mike, who was a wealth of information..

The Pre Sales support is awesome as well, and Mike has the ability to test the units as well so much better than buying from a store and the unit was delivered the next day after ordering.

Highly recommend using Mike.

Thanks again Mike for the awesome service.”

Mike Chung, Ray White Wellington City

“Hey Mike,

Great talking to you on the phone the other day about my camera problem, I was worried that you would not help me because I bought it from PB Tech in Penrose, but I was wrong.

After you pointed out the problem was most likely with the SD card PB Tech had supplied me with the camera, when I checked to card, you were right, it wasn’t a Blackvue card, I checked the wording on the camera box and it did say ‘No Warranty if other cards are used’. I returned the camera for a refund, which they firstly refused to give me, but after showing them the camera box, they paid up, and I bet the crafty bastards stuck it back on the shelf for some other sucker to buy. The same camera that I bort from you, works great and I wired it myself, how bloody good is that. I think I will also put one in my Mrs car.

Thanks Bro.”

Dave, North Shore


You asked for a testimonial to add to your website, which I think is choice. My spelling is not great, but here goes.

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to buy a camera from my car and looked about and decided on a blackview camera. I looked at your internet sight and decided what camera I wanted. I went to PB tech for some bits, and saw your cameras on the shelf. I asked the guy if these cameras, are from blackvue in NZ and he said yes. I bought one, a 750-2ch one. When I got home I tried to use the camera but it would not work, so I phoned PB tech and was told to contact you, or they would have to send it back to the company that made it, and this would cost me more money. I phone you to complain about this. You told me that PB Tech had bullshitted me, but you wheir prepared to help me. After talking to you I managed to get my camera working and the parking mode, I had to get a PMP which you coriered over night to me. I will not be shopping at PB tech every again.

Thanks Mate.”

Arthur, Penrose

“I have wanted a Blackvue camera for some months now but because of Covid-19 and the downturn in business I was not able to afford one. Well miracles do happen at Christmas. My kids woke me up on Christmas morning, (18 and 20 years old), with a card containing enough cash to buy a camera. They and their mother had all put in to keep Dad happy. Naturally I wanted to get the camera straight away, but how? Then I remembered ‘Blackvue (NZ)’ website saying ‘open all hours’. So I phoned them, and Mike answered. He was only too happy to sort out a camera for me.

I arrived at his house at 9.15am on Christmas day and bought the camera, but not the one I wanted, but the latest model that did not require a Power Magic Pro. He and his wife were preparing Christmas dinner, so I had a beer with him and left, ready to install my new camera.

Mike you are a ‘legend’ in my eyes, and you are certainly ‘OPEN ALL HOURS’. I will definitely recommend you to all my mates. Mike, camera up and running and footage is brilliant, I am glad that I also bought the Polarised lens. Now we are ready for our trip to Coromandel over New Year. Miracles do happen.”

Richard Daniels, Henderson

“I would just like to thank, ‘Blackvue New Zealand Ltd’ for helping us out by supplying a camera for our vessel. Our original brief was for a camera that could be mounted in the wheelhouse, with a view ‘Forward’ and ‘Aft’ of a working boat (Tugboat) in one of NZ’s many ports. This was for insurance purposes due to claims by shipping companies regarding ‘so called’ damage to paintwork on their vessels whilst being handled in port. Mike, from Blackvue NZ Ltd, supplied us with exactly what we needed, and we appreciate his help. We have since bought more cameras, for other workboats in the fleet.”

George, South Island.
(Naturally, this guy can not name the port, due to privacy rules)

“Some 2 years ago I purchased a Blackvue DR650 cameras of ‘TradeMe’ from a supplier of these cameras in Auckland. It cost me over $900.00 to have it fitted to my car by the seller, including the cost of the camera, which I thought was expensive at the time, but I needed the camera for my job. I have since left Auckland and moved South. I have contacted the camera supplier regarding some problems that I am having with the camera, and he wanted to charge me for the information.

Bugger that. So, I looked up ‘Blackvue’ and found Mike from Blackvue NZ. I told him my story and asked if he could help me. He said NO PROBLEM. Not only did he help me with my cameras problem (I stuffed up) but he also sold me the bits and pieces I needed to put the camera into my new car. He only charged me for the parts needed, not the advice given.”

Good on you Mike.

Palmerston North.

“I would like to thank you for sorting out my problem with my Blackvue camera. When I first contacted you, you asked me who I have purchased the camera from, and I was not happy with telling you as I thought you would refuse to help me. How wrong was I? I purchased it from ‘Viewtech’ in Christchurch and they could or did not want to help me and referred me to the manufacturer ‘Pittasoft’ in South Korea. Not only did you sort out my problems on the phone, but also gave me some good advice as to how to get the most out of my camera. This is what I call SERVICE.”


“Having decided to purchase web cams for our two cars, I had difficulty trying to decide make, model, cost and camera capability that would be best suited to my requirements. In fact, it was very confusing, like a minefield trying to navigate to market availability especially when my knowledge was somewhat limited. However, once I discovered and contacted Blackvue NZ Ltd, the problems and concerns the quickly and professionally dealt with by Mike.

Mike took the time to run the products and options around dash cam performance, suitability, technical specs, ease-of-use and cost. He took away the confusion and guided me through the purchase process along with recommendations of installers. There was no hard sell or pressure, just expertise, knowledge and great advice. Also in order to ensure cams were available in time to meet the installation date (as he was passing my home) he personally delivered the web cams.

Great professional service and I would finally recommend Mike and Blackvue Ltd to anyone looking for similar products.”


“A couple of weeks ago I approached Mike at Blackvue NZ to buy a DR750 Blackvue camera. His price was dearer than PB technology price, and I asked him for a discount. He told me that he was not Pack and Save, so no discount. So bugger him, I bought the camera from PB Technology and saved myself $20.00.

I fitted the camera myself using the tutorials on Blackvue NZ website and all was sweet. After 10 days the camera stopped working and kept repeating some shit about the sd card not working. I went back to PB technology and they listened to what the camera was saying, told me the camera had to be sent to Korea to be repaired and that I had to pay the freight (there’s a 1 year warranty on the thing!!) They also said that if there was nothing wrong with the camera I would not be paid back the freight and would have to pay the freight to get it back. So I decided to phone Mike at Blackvue NZ to see if he could help. When I told him the problem he laughed his arse off at me, and said, why should he help me, as he didn’t get the sale, and was it worth the $20.00 that I originally saved on the purchase. He decided to have a look at the camera, so I took it round to him. He powered the camera up using some adaptor thing he had set up in his office, and up came the message again about the sd card not working. He took out the sd card and found that it was a ‘transcend’ card, and explained that this was the problem. I had the original box with me and he pointed out that written on the back of the box beside the card size is printed a message that states that using third party cards can stuff the camera, and the warranty. He replaced the card with a genuine blackvue card, and everything was fine. OK, I had to buy another card, and I didn’t get a discount on this, but this saved me hundreds of dollars returning the camera to be repaired. Mike also explained to me how to re-configure the SD card , and download updates so it lasts a long time. I can be a bit mouthy, but Mike put me in my place, and sorted everything out. I will deal with him again, and recommend him to my mates.”


“About 18 months ago I purchased a DR650S-2CH camera from company on the North Shore in Auckland. I bought the camera for this companies ‘Trade Me’ site. Everything worked fine, until recently, when I had a problem. I contacted the seller, on the North Shore and did not seem interested and I was told that I needed to send the camera back to the manufacturer and that they would repair it for free. I found the freight costs to the manufacturer where very expensive, so I decided to contact ‘Mike’ at ‘Blackvue NZ’. Mike told me that the camera was out of warranty, so the manufacturer would not repair it for free. I explained to Mike what the problem was, and he asked me a lot of questions about the camera, which he informed me was ‘dis-continue’ from the range some two years prior. He then made a few suggestions, as to how to sort out the problem. I followed these and my problem was fixed. This saved me the unnecessary expense of returning the camera to the manufacturer, and the cost of repair. I would highly recommend Mike at ‘Blackvue NZ’ to anyone who is thinking of buying a camera. He certainly knows his product.”


“Mike Fish Blackvue New Zealand, you’re a star! Made an enquiry on a Sunday, answered with in hours. Invoice emailed for the product I wanted on Monday morning. Paid online, proof of payment emailed to Mike that day, goods dispatched. Rural delivery (standard two day by courier) in my mailbox Wednesday. Fantastic service and outstanding advice from Blackvue New Zealand.”


“Mike was very helpful over the phone recommending a cheaper model Blackvue than the one I thought I needed also recommended someone to fit it a lot cheaper than another company was quoting .Paid online goods arrived the next day.Do your self a favour go direct to Mike at Blackvue.”

Richard Griffin
Ray White Stonefields


“I highly recommend Mike from ‘Blackvue New Zealand’ for his service again.

I ordered a DR770X-2CH Camera from his website, ‘’ on Wednesday 10th April at 8.30am. I also paid for it on the site. The camera arrived at my front door in Te-Awamutu by NZC at 9.30 am the next morning 11th April. My son just bought his first car and this is the forth camera we have bought for the family. Thanks.”


“Hi Mike,
I just like to thank to for helping us out with the problem that we have been having with our Blackvue Camera. My wife and I who are both retired bought a Blackvue camera 590 from an online store called Rubber Monkey because it was cheap.
From the first day of fitting it we had problems, this didn’t work and that didn’t work.
I contacted RM and was told that it was not their problem as they just sell them like the other thousands of items that they sell. My wife suggested that I call Blackvue NZ Ltd, and complain, which I did. I gave Mike a ‘blast’. I had been lied to when I bought the camera as it did not have GPS or PARKING MODE that RM told me it had. Mike very kindly sorted everything out and supplied the bits I needed. The moral of the story is ‘Do Not’ buy from these huge on line stores as the will ‘con’ you.”
Tom & Rosy

“I would like to thank Mike from Blackvue NZ for sorting out the problem that I had with the camera I bought in Australia. He was the only seller of these cameras in NZ who was prepared to help me. The camera was an older DR600 model, which I just couldn’t get to work. I dropped it off to him, and the next day he had it all sorted. I would recommend Blackvue NZ should you have any problems.”


“I originally bought a blackvue camera from a guy selling them at an agricultural show in Kumue, North of Auckland. After a few months I started having problems with it, and when I tried to contact the seller I was told that they did not sell them anymore, and they could not or would not help me, so I just took it out of my car and stuck it in a box. I recently moved and found the camera, and decided to see if it was any good. I contacted Mike at Blackvue NZ Ltd to see if he could help. The model was a dr650 which has since been superseded, but Mike told me to bring it round and he would have a look. Well after a couple of beers it was up and running, all that had to be replaced was the micro SD, he loaded the latest firmware and all is well. He only charged me for the SD card. I have since bought another camera for my wife’s car. This what I called good old fashion service.”


“Hi Mike,

One of my family members bought me a Blackvue Dash Cam for Christmas, finally as a Dad I get a really decent present. On Boxing day my sons and I fitted the camera to my car and it worked great.

But how do I view the footage as the blackvue app mentioned did not work. I phoned the branch of PB Tech that I was told it was purchased from on the 3rd of January and they had no idea what was wrong and suggested that I bought it back with the receipt of payment and they would sent it to the manufacture in Korea to sort it out. I was very annoyed at there attitude. I phoned Mike at Blackvue NZ with the problem, after a few questions to me, he told me how to sort it, great. I also asked him about the GPS unit that PB Tech said it had. Mike said it doesn’t have GPS.

He told me to come round and let him have a look. He found the camera was fitted with a cheap Samsung EVO Plus micro SD card (obviously to keep the price down) and it was not recommended on the box label. Make a long story short, Mike supplied an exterior GPS unit., and a proper Blackvue SD card, help me with seamless pairing, explained the Blackvue viewer and how to load it onto my computer, and we had a couple of cold beers as well, how good is that? Thanks Mike, I’ll buy a camera for my wife’s car from you, and ‘stuff’ PB tech.”


“I bought a DR590 camera from Mike at Blackvue NZ about 3-4 years ago, and it stopped working about 3 months ago. I finally decided to do something about it over Christmas. I phoned Mike and as I had not rebooted the system on the camera since I bought it, he suggested a new SD card. I went to see him and bought the card. When I put it in the camera in his driveway it did not work.

I get angry very easy and was not happy with Mike. He told me to calm down, or F**k off. No ones ever told me this before. After Mike getting me to load the new seamless pairing and getting me to upgrade my firmware everything worked. He also told me to ‘read the bloody instructions’ and go into ‘’ for upgrades. I thought that fitting the camera to the car was all I had to do.

It was explained to me that I have to re-boot and upgrade. I’ll be back for another camera.”

North Shore.

“I have an old Blackvue DR500GW dash camera, and wanted to transfer it to a new vehicle. This time however I wanted to ‘hardwire’ it, instead of having the bloody power cable dangling down the wind screen into the cigarette lighter socket, looking very untidy. I contacted PB technology in Christchurch as they advertise that they sells these cameras. They did not know what I was talking about, and told me to contact the manufacturers in Korea. Fat lot of use this company was. I live in Christchurch so contacted another seller of Blackvue cameras in Christchurch and they told me to dump the camera as it was too old , and buy a new model from them. Stuff that, why should I dump a perfectly good working camera.

I had seen ‘Blackvue (NZ) Limited’ website, but it was in Auckland and I would prefer to deal locally, but seeing as I got no help from local suppliers of these cameras, I contacted Mike at ‘Blackvue (NZ) ltd’ with my problem. His reply to my request was “No problem, where do you want the cable sent to”. I gave him my address in Christchurch, he raised an invoice, I paid online, and received the goods the next day. I am an old fella who does not like to ‘throw’ things away, and appreciate service, and Mike did everything I wanted. The guy is a legend.”


“I sincerely regret not going to Mike directly for the initial purchase of my Blackvue DR900S-2CH system. After it was installed by a Car Audio company and came back minus an accessory that should have been “in the box” and getting no positive response from that same company for a quote on another Blackvue SD card I found Mike on-line and was surprised at his prompt response over a weekend when I did not expect an answer till the following week. Mike was very attentive to my enquiries, considering I did not get the main item from him directly and he has delivered in full on the follow up items I required. I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone considering any of his products, he certainly cares about his customers unlike the unfortunate experience I had with the initial installation.”


“I’ve just DIY hard wired a Blackvue DR750S-2CH camera sourced from Mike, at Blackvue NZ Ltd, in my SUV. The installation was straightforward, with clear instructions and all the necessary bits promptly supplied. Mikes friendly personalized advice and suggestions were much appreciated. He’s a very helpful and obliging guy. The performance of both cameras is excellent.”


“I bought a second hand Blackvue DR650GW-2CH camera from a mate, but it didn’t have the “Cloud” feature. Mike at Blackvue NZ Ltd was able to supply a special Wi-Fi Cloud Kit.

I am very thankful to Mike for all the assistance he gave me with my camera. I have got ‘Cloud’ connected now and working just as I wanted, which I thought was going to be a lost cause after all the other people marketing these machines in New Zealand didn’t want to know.

Thank You,

South Auckland.

“I have just bought my 3rd DR650S-2CH camera from Mike, this year and as usual received excellent service. The first 1 I had fitted to my own vehicle, a Mercedes. I then decided to add one to my wife’s Toyota corolla. The latest one I had fitted was to my daughters RAV 4.

After a few months I started having problems with my camera telling me that there was something wrong with the SD card in the camera. One call to Mike and the problem was sorted.

I did not read the instructions supplied when I bought the camera about re-configuring the camera and loading the latest firmware.

‘The Cloud’ system works fine and I can not only see live videos streaming from my wife and daughter cameras, but can also talk to them though the camera. I would definitely recommend Mike and his company to my friends.


“My dealings with Mike at Blackvue NZ have been really great, starting with my initial contact inquiry about the best product for my purposes, through to Mike’s excellent after-sales service and guidance. The Blackvue product I purchased, a DR650S – 2CH is a very cool piece of technology and performs flawlessly to meet my needs.”

“Hi guys just a quick note to tell about the Blackvue camera I have fitted to my race car. This is a great bit of kit, and has help immensely with my driving and checking my driving line and speed when racing. Mike came out and help me sort out where to position the camera for best results. A few of my mates have also bought similar cameras from Mike. I have also fitted a similar model to my private ride and am well impressed.

I recommend these cameras and the service I received to anyone thinking of fitting a dash cam.


“With the recent purchase of a new Nissan Pathfinder, we wanted some means of monitoring this vehicle while parked unattended in the various car-parks around town.

After much research on the web including numerous discussion groups and Youtube, we decided that the Blackvue system might suit our requirements. I emailed with a series of questions regarding quality, reliability and installation. To my surprise, Mike Fish from Blackvue replied within the hour answering all my queries, and in fact volunteering much more information including web links for additional info.

Shortly after, we proceeded with the purchase of a DR650GW twin camera system and the PMP (Power Magic Pro). A local auto-electrician fitted it, taking just over 3 hours to do so. Take this cost in to account when purchasing, but also take in to consideration that a small ding on a brand new vehicle will most likely cost you more to repair than this Blackvue system and installation.

Now that we have had our DR650GW installed and fully functional for a few weeks, I will comment that the quality and detail of information available from both cameras is astounding, excellent quality camera video, great sound, accurate GPS mapping and with a bit of fine tuning, reliable incident reporting. For reasonable historical continuity, you will need to replace the 32GB card with a 64GB card.

We are very pleased with our installation but hope never have to use the recorded video in anger.

Roger & Diane

“Hi Mike,

Nice meeting you the other day, and thanks for delivering the camera.

I have installed the DR650S-2CH camera in my vehicle, and am impressed with the results so far. The quality of the video pictures is great, and very easy to play back through on my tablet and pc.

I’m glad I took your advice and wired the Power Magic Pro into the system; the 24/7 recording should give us peace of mind when we go on our South Island trip and have leave the vehicle parked outside motels etc at night.

Thanks for your advice on installing the camera, it was a great help.

I’ll definitely be recommending you and these brilliant cameras to all my mates.


Bill Fountain
Albany, New Zealand.”

“I first saw dashcams videos on youtube where that giant meteor exploded above a town in Russia and thought they were a good idea.

Then, a mate got into an accident that wasn’t his fault and the other party tried to deny any wrongdoing.

So I decided to it might be a good idea to grab a dashcam. I’m a bit geeky and did a load of googling on the options and eventually decided on the Blackvue cams. They seem like the best of the lot.

Cheers for hooking us up.

Avondale, Auckland”

“Hi Mike,

I am a person who works hard to provide a good service in everything I do, and by return I expect the same treatment. In my dealings with Mike at Blackvue NZ I was not disappointed – Mike is great to deal with.

Over the years I have had several dash cams. I have bought in the $200 – $350 range so not “el cheapos” you will understand. All of then came up short on reliability and user friendliness.

I did my research and settled on a Blackvue DR650S-2CH and a Power Magic PRO from Blackvue NZ which I had it professionally installed.

I have full confidence in the unit. I have also found that the various manuals supplied as well as those I obtained on line from the manufacturer are thorough and well written – I can understand them and follow them.

My advice to anyone reading this is to not waste your money with other brands – buy once – get a Blackvue and save frustration and disappointment that other brands are likely to give you


Tauranga, New Zealand.”

“I am very pleased with my new Blackvue Camera. Mike has been excellent to trade with: very prompt and easy to transact, and has kept me informed regarding availability etc. There are so many products on offer and it’s been great to find a New Zealand site that offers an excellent product and service.”

“I would like to thank Mike from Blackvue NZ Ltd for sorting out a problem that has been pi**ing me off for some time now. I bought a DR650GW-2CH camera from another camera supplier end of March 2015. About a month later the model was updated to a DR650S-2CH with ‘the Cloud’.

I went back to the company that supplied the camera and and the a-hole basically told me “Hard luck mate you will have to buy the new model to get Cloud.”

A couple of weeks ago I contact Blackvue NZ Ltd, in Auckland about my problem, and was told that they could supply a kit to upgrade my camera to ‘Cloud’. Great! I bought the kit and Mike emailed me a video on how to fit the kit which I did myself and it was ‘easy peasy’. I then registered the camera with Blackvue in Korea and it works. Bloody great mate that’s what I call service.”

Burnside, Christchurch

“I bought a DR650 Blackvue camera from Mike a couple of years ago, and lately the video footage has had green and pink brands across. Called Mike and he suggested that one of the cables had a kink in it. I did not believe him. I have spent hours re-setting the camera etc etc and nothing worked. I said the camera was stuffed, and I wanted new one, I was happy to buy one. He said fine, but check the cable. I took the cable out and re positioned it, and BINGO everything working. Cheers Buddy.”