Why use only Blackvue SD cards

The reason is simple. These cards are made exclusively by ‘Samsung” for the ‘Blackvue’ camera range. There is no other micro-SD card on the market that will operate under the conditions that the ‘Blackvue’ cameras have to work in. Being a micro SD card for a dash camera it has to work in severe conditions such as the Arabian Desert where the heat would destroy any normal SD cards. The ‘Blackvue’ cameras record 24/7 unlike other video cameras that operate for a few hours a day.

Other brands of Video microSD cards, which are a lot cheaper, might work for a time but when, they are put under pressure they fail miserably. I have had many calls from people who have bought ‘Blackvue’ cameras, from me or other importers, and are having problems where the camera says ‘No SD Card’ or similar. Every time it is because they have bought a cheaper SD card from a computer store in there area.

If you have this problem please give me a call.