Dash cams news – BlackVue To Unveil New STARVIS 2-Powered 4K Cloud Dash Cams At SEMA 2023 In Las Vegas

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Anticipating the 2023 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, BlackVue Dash Cameras is excited to provide attendees with an exclusive preview of its forthcoming 4K Cloud-compatible dashboard camera range. These highly anticipated models will be showcased at BlackVue’s booth #11139 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 31 to November 3.

BlackVue is set to introduce three innovative dashboard camera series. Leading the lineup is the DR970X Plus Series, available in both single and dual-channel configurations. Following suit is the dual-channel DR970X-2CH LTE Plus, seamlessly integrating 4K recording capabilities with built-in LTE connectivity. Notably, both the DR970X Plus and DR970X LTE Plus will debut a fresh design for their front-facing cameras. In addition, the brand-new DR970X Box Plus stands out with its dual cameras and a separate recording “box” module intended for secure installation, such as within a glove compartment. For both the DR970X Plus and DR970X Box Series, alternative versions featuring an interior-facing infrared camera in lieu of the rear camera will be available. These cutting-edge dashboard cameras incorporate a multitude of technical enhancements, with a strong focus on elevating image quality.

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Dash cams latest models

All models within the upcoming Plus Series showcase a revolutionary 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensor in the front camera. Renowned in the industry for its exceptional capacity to preserve details in low-light and high-contrast scenarios, the Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensors, when coupled with BlackVue’s adept image signal processing (ISP) tuning, ensure the delivery of stunning images day and night. This proficiency is particularly evident in high-contrast scenes, such as when license plates are illuminated by headlights. The sensor’s wide dynamic range not only excels in dark environments but also proves beneficial in daylight, compensating for pronounced shadows cast on subjects under bright sunlight—common when the camera faces the sun.

Dash cams – image sensor technology

In addition to the advanced image sensor, the primary camera undergoes a significant upgrade with a 7-element lens boasting an f/1.7 aperture and a 146-degree diagonal angle of view. The high aperture empowers the sensor to capture more light, resulting in brighter images without the need to escalate the ISO. This enhancement is particularly advantageous for clarity in capturing fast-moving objects, as the new Plus Series 4K cameras boast shutter speeds over three times faster on average than their predecessors, enhancing their ability to effectively “freeze” the action.

The 4K Plus cameras will also support High Efficiency Video Coding, known as HEVC or H.265, with a bitrate of 60 megabits per second for the front camera alone, ensuring the preservation of details in the most demanding scenes. AVC/H.264 support will also be in place to guarantee maximum playback compatibility.

While the heightened bitrate may result in larger file sizes, the new dash cams incorporate technologies to provide a seamless and bandwidth-efficient browsing experience. All models will feature a 5GHz Wi-Fi module for swift local transfer via the BlackVue app. Moreover, aligning with Cloud-compatible BlackVue dash cams, BlackVue’s Sub-Stream technology embeds Quick Play versions—under 5MB—of the videos within the original files. This means that when browsing recorded files over Wi-Fi or the Cloud, users can opt for playing the Quick Play files for immediate playback or choose the Original full-resolution video for maximum quality.

Enoch Lim, Director of Planning Department at Pittasoft, remarked, “With the 4K Plus Series lineup, we aimed to surpass users’ expectations for video recording quality in a dash cam. While 4K resolution is increasingly prevalent in the industry, video quality encompasses more than just resolution. BlackVue’s prowess lies in seamlessly combining hardware and software into products that transcend their individual components. The new 4K Plus Series exemplifies this strength, as each model delivers the pinnacle of visual fidelity and cloud connectivity.