Watch out for scammers!

There’s been an update to our previous announcement about scams that use BlackVue (and other reputable brands’) product images to advertise cheap knock-offs.

Unfortunately, the trend only seems to amplify as we head into the year-end holiday season.

We are receiving more and more reports of scam posts and ads on Facebook and Instagram. We even received photos of the dashcam a Customer received after ordering from the scam advertisement.

Here are the pictures of the dashcam – advertised as 4K UHD dashcam model – they got in the mail. When you look at those scam sites, you can generally see barely doctored pictures of BlackVue dashcams, such as the DR900S-2CH (with the BlackVue logo removed, for example).

As you can clearly see, this is not BlackVue DR900S-2CH.

Here is a link to the BlackVue DR900S-2CH on our website.

Make sure to check out this article for a list of scam websites, as well as tutorial on how to report scam posts/pages should you encounter them.