Price list

Blackvue New Zealand Ltd. Price List 01.01.2021

High end consumer dashboard cameras

Group Cameras Services Price
A DR900X-2CH 32GB (4hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) inbuilt PMP $790.00
A DR900X-1CH 32GB (4hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) inbuilt PMP $610.00
A DR900X-2CH 64GB (8hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) inbuilt PMP $890.00
A DR900X-1CH 64GB (8hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) inbuilt PMP $735.00
A DR900S-2CH 32GB (4hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) $760.00
A DR900S-1CH 32GB (4hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) $580.00
A DR900S-2CH 64GB (8hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) $860.00
A DR900S-1CH 64GB (8hrs) 4K (Cloud Compatible) $705.00
A DR750S-2CH 32GB LTE (8hrs) (Cloud Dashcam) $660.00
A DR750X-2CH 32GB (8hrs) (Cloud compatible) $590.00
A DR750X-1CH 32GB (8hrs) (Cloud compatible) $530.00
A DR750S-2CH 32GB (8hrs) (Cloud Compatible) $560.00
A DR750S-1CH 32GB (8hrs) (Cloud Compatible) $490.00

Mid Range Dashboard Cameras

B DR590W-2CH 32GB WiFi (External GPS Aerial Optional) $440.00
B DR590W-1CH 32GB WiFi (External GPS Aerial Optional) $340.00
B DR590-2CH 32GB (External GPS Aerial Optional) $364.00
B DR590-1CH 32GB (External GPS Aerial Optional) $275.00

High End (IR) Dashboard Cameras

C DR900S-2CH IR 32GB (Cloud Compatible) $790.00
C DR750S 2CH IR 32GB (Cloud Compatible) $625.00
C DR750X-2CH TRUCK IR 32GB (Cloud Compatible) $710.00

Mid Range (IR) Dashboard Cameras

D DR590W-2CH IR 32GB I.R. TAXI WiFi (External GPS Optional) $468.00
D DR590-2CH IR 32GB I.R. TAXI (External GPS Optional) $425.00


CPL filter Circular Polarizing Lens filter $46.00
CM 100 LTE EN Inbuilt LTE 4 nano SIM card reader $260.00
Power Magic Pro Essential for Parking Mode $55.00
Power Magic PMEZ Plugs into OBD II vehicle plug $60.00
B-124X Ultra Battery for Parking Mode $480.00
B-124E Ultra Battery Extension Pack $400.00
B-112 Battery Pack for Parking Mode $303.50
G-1E GPS External aerial $60.00
BCL-1 Cable connector, B-112 $25.00
BTC-1A Tamper Proof Case (Sedan, SUV) $60.00
BTC-1B Tamper Proof Case (Bus , Truck) $60.00
RC100F DR900, 750 Rear Camera $175.00
RC1-200 DR590, Rear Camera $180.00
RC1-200IR DR590W, 590 Rear Camera $175.00
RC100F-IR DR750S Rear Camera $210.00
CH-2P Hardwire kit. 900,750,590. $25.00
CL-2P Cigarette lighter Power Kit $25.00
M-90S Bracket Front DR900S $30.00
M-75S1 Bracket Front DR750S $30.00
M-45 Bracket Front DR590W $25.00
M-90S Bracket Rear DR900 $30.00
MSD-32S Card MicroSD card 32GB $50.00
MSD-64S Card MicroSD card 64GB $100.00
MSD-128S Card MicroSD card 128GB $220.00
MSD-256S Card MicroSD card 256GB $380.00
MUR-1 MicroSD card reader $12.00
FTLM-3A Fuse Tap, low profile, mini (2 per pack) $15.00
FTM-3A Fuse Tap, Mini (2 per pack) $15.00
FTA-3A Fuse Tap, ATO (2 per pack) $15.00
CH-1 Cable Clips $1.00
FT-65 Front Sticky Pads 900/750/650 $3.00
RT-1 Rear StickyPads $3.00
CC-6 Coaxial Cable 6m / 19.68ft. $35.00
CC-10 Coaxial Cable 10m / 32.80ft. $45.00
CC-15 Coaxial Cable 15m / 49.21ft. $50.00
CC-20 Coaxial Cable 20m / 65.61ft, $70.00
CC-15T Coaxial Cable 15m / 49.21ft. Waterproof $60.00
CC-20T Coaxial Cable 20m / 65.61ft. Waterproof $75.00
PA-2E Home Power Adaptor $30.00
POL-LENS Bracket to take a Polarized Lens $25.00

Please Note: Use of third-party microSD cards may adversely affect the Blackvue Camera and will void your warranty.